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Client: Municipality of Pantelleria (TP)

Year: 2010

Service: Design competition – 5th place

The plan consists of the restoration of Pantelleria’s waterfront (about 28.700 MQ).

The reorganization of the area starts from a new study of mobility by car and by foot, through the transformation of the seafront into a boulevard, which will become a path most of all for pedestrians.

Turning the area into a ZTL, the streets too becomes a part of this equipped path composed of green sides, services, panoramic glimpses.

The real qualification of the area passes through the creation of a covered and protected path, which is a landmark, with a structure made of steel tubes and a waved cover, which has a variable highness realized by using wood and marked on the ground with a similar pavement in wood too.

Under the level of the path born the new services, realized with natural, local and sustainable materials, which strategically are localized in the proximity of the most interesting spots of the city like the castle or the Hotels.

All the system finds its top in the two extremities at the northern and southern door where born the new two squares. These two host the fish market and the touristic reception and pinpoint with the panoramic terrace on the sea.

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