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Gym COMPLEX – Samarate

Client: Municipality of Samarate (VA)

Year: 2011

The building fits on the terrain with a natural elevation profile as a hill, which shows itself to the city as a lure spot. A new centrality captured in an organic form born from the terrain and drawn with a profile that recalls the mountains that characterize the northern skyline. The green follows the curvy movements of the covering hosting new trees.

The building is characterized by a level underground, equipped with an external theatre, where are placed a big gym, a small gym and all the service rooms as dressing rooms, warehouses, hygienic systems; the second level at +0.00 height includes the reception spaces like entrance, ticket booth, atrium, and refreshment spaces.

A northern path connects the new school with the infant school and the parking. On the opposite front, a second path connects the green eastern area with the parking on the other side on the other side of Via Borsi.

The curvy shape is very useful for the building’s climatic characteristics connected to the ventilation and cooling.

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