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Less is more 6

Client: Municipality of Rome

Year: 2008

Service: Design competition

Walking the quarter’s streets is possible to see the absence of the public space seen as a landmark of the citizen’s life and so the need for spaces with a strong identity. The planned intervention has been imagined as a place of high architectonic characterization able to attract also the users of the nearest urban zones. Considering the massive presence of new residential buildings, which have to be realized near our area and the low scale of the volumes concerned in this competition since the beginning of the work, has been clear the necessity of a particular geometric research, recognizable on urban plan and also by the single user, to find the right equilibrium between presence and camouflage, between urban space and Roman landscape, between architecture and nature. The intervention proposed is also a moment of mediation between the strong building density of the new residential buildings and the natural space of the park. Through the planning of low volume buildings, but most of all into the drawing of the plans opened and dynamic which connect the new urban center to the natural spreading of the park has been generated this mediation and relationship space between city and nature which, penetrate deeply the urban space breaking up its geometries, the borders, and the space relations.

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