LFArchitettura srl

Primary school – Fiano Romano

Client: Municipality of Fiano Romano

Year: 2011

Service: Supervision of works, accounting, assistance to the test

The scholastic complex is established on three secondary buildings disposed at “C” that create a garden-court in which is located the entrance to the building.

LFarchitettura office operated only under the supervision of works; during this period, one of the aims was to improve the school’s aspect conceived in an extremely rational way. The attempt was about to improve the architectonic appearance of the volumes and the inner spaces by using colors.

The blocks have been divided into several units characterized by vivid colors, able to raise interest and detectability by the students.

During the course of the work have been detected the performance features that could be improved to have a higher building’s sustainability. The thermal isolation of the walls, floors and glass surfaces has been increased. The glass surfaces exposed to Est, South, and West have been shaded with electric shadings systems manually controlled to prevent the overheating of the inner spaces. To reduce a lot the energy needs have been provided an air exchange mechanic system with the recycling of heat. Have been improved the acoustic isolation features of the inner spaces by using specifically chosen materials.

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