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Umberto I square’s requalification in Rocca Priora

Client: Municipality of Rocca Priora (RM)

Year: 2000

Service: Preliminary design, final design, execution planning, supervision of works

The project of Umberto I square in Rocca Priora was born by the need of valorizing the historical and architectonical heritage (Savelli castle, S.Maria Assunta church, bell tower, Mons. Giacci palace) through a non-invasive intervention able to unite the two contiguous urban spaces of which the square’s composed.

The idea was to create floor drawings of the square starting from the mainline connecting the exit from Umberto I road to the main entrance of the Savelli’s castle. This line starts to take form the naturalistic drawing of the square based on an elliptical geometric form.

The materials are the same as the preexistent square, cubes of flint and sheets of travertine. The nighttime enlightenment is made by floor lamps, which put in evidence the floor drawing and the surrounding building’s facades.

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