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Restoration of the historical center – Rocca Priora

Client: Municipality of Rocca Priora (RM)

Year: 2002-2006

Service: Final design, execution planning, supervision of works

From the friendship between the sculptor Benedetto Robazza and the municipality of Rocca Priora has born the idea of realization of an artistic path with the works that the master wanted to give as a gift to the municipality. After the financing, came from the province of Rome, in 2002 started the process, which led to the realization and to the completion of the whole intervention of restoring for three sites of particular relevance. Places, which host now three fountains made by the master, transforming them into attraction spots: the Buero fountain at the entrance on Via Tuscolana, the fountain “triumph of good” at the entrance of the old town in Via Roma and the “Narciso” fountain in Largo Pallotti, into the central square of Rocca Priora.

The intervention regarded also the installation, on the streets of the historic center, of low reliefs in bronze regarding the main steps of the Via Crucis of Jesus Christ.

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