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Province Building – Bolzano

Client: Province of Bolzano

Year: 2010

Service: Ideas competition

The project proposes the image of a porphyry monolith excavated and wrapped in ice. It means to be the new symbol of Bolzano. The simple and clear volume reinforces its institutional value.

The structure is opened on the southern side creating a vertical breach, which runs on the façade from the bottom to the top.

Through this opening are enlightened all the inner spaces, composed of six offices, which can be sized from 9 to 21 MQ.

The system’s core, which includes hygienic services, stairs, and the lifts, represents an intermediate area that works to have better thermic conditions.

The building has 11 floors with a covered terrace, which overhangs on the city and is a space for the rest of the work and relax.

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