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Client: Municipality of Dorgali (NU)

Year: 2011

Service: Design competition

The plan has as the first aim to give back continuity to the systems which compose the urban seafront, distinguishing the various functions.

The continuity of the beaches is realized through limited interventions as the building of wooden paths, which guarantees easy access to the beaches.

There is also a redefinition of the inner mobility of the city. The idea is to connect the most interesting spots of the seafront through a distinction between street and pedestrian ways, which will have the most of the space on the way and connects the aquarium to the harbor creating an expositive itinerary including the Favorita park, Palmasera beach and the new square of Palmasera with the new touristic structures and the commercial activities.

The continuity between city and sea will be guaranteed through a new configuration of the terrain to mediate the relation between the street and the beach.

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