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Plans for San Cristoforo sud in Catania

Client: Municipality of Catania

Year: 2006

The project is based on the strengthening of the logistic and symbolic importance of the internal court: which is no more on the backside but becomes a central spot of distribution and natural air conditioning of the whole building, it can be seen also like a half-covered square, where the activities practiced inside, can also continue outside. A functional division, which has no need for internal invasive partition and which has some transparent and easily removable dividers, expresses the flexibility of the intervention.

Space contains a neighbor laboratory, with direct access to the square, to talk, gather, set up small exhibits and an info point at the court’s entrance.

The police’s offices have direct access to the square, are located on the head of the equipped as a symbol of the hug and the presence of the institutions.

The first floor hosts a bar and a small conference hall, which grants occasions of meeting and allows an optimal terrace’s use.



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