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New school in Maiolati Spontini

Client: Maiolati Spontini (AN)

Year: 2006

Service: Design competition

The project of the school complex is based on three principal concepts:

Integration with the city. The composition of the scholastic organism opened to the city and to the external pertinence space, aimed to include into its architectonic form the surrounding urban contest characterized by primary public buildings (other scholastic buildings, the new sports complex).

Integration with the surrounding natural ambient. The compound of the building to the hill and the construction of continuity between the preexisting green and the new planned one, which covers the scholastic building realize a perfect integration between natural and artificial.

Integration of the inner spaces. The triangular and hexagonal link on which the ambient’s construction is based allows a higher integration between the ambients themselves and compositional freedom able to adapt the school to the different configurations that could be required in the future times.


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