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Parking in Montecelio – Guidonia

Client: Municipality of Guidonia (RM)

Year: 2001

Service: Preliminary design

The plan is articulated on four levels. The first one is underground; the fourth is an enlargement and a restoration of the spaces close to via Fuori le Mura, the middle levels, half interred, follow the shape of the terrain reconfiguring its forms.

The parking is on three levels. The gym has dimensions, which allow playing volleyball on the external side as a service to the community. The roof is minded as walkable.

The restoring of the external areas is the intervention, which requalifies most of the area.

The third level is minded as a covered path connects a series of different functional moments, the external theatre, the expositive space, the playfield for children.

The drawing of the theatre and the square are the occasion to revalue the close access door the historical center while the external spaces at the fourth level are planned like a series of little squares that follow each other overhanging on the valley.



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