Parkin in largo Europa in Rocca Priora

Client: Municipality of Rocca Priora (RM)

Year: 2002-2004

Service: Preliminary design, final design, execution planning, security coordination

The area interested in the neighbor contract II is located on the eastern side of the center where are prevented the following works:

Realization of underground parking under Largo Europa: it will host 53 cars and allowed to make the square completely pedestrian, at the completion of the center’s freed from the cars, the closer areas to the square have been the object of restoration and reuse as green spaces and walking paths.

Reorganization of the viability in the quarter “Ara Dandini” for the urbanistic recover of the area: the realization of the first section of street opposed to the principal viability on which could be juxtaposed the secondary roads inside the quarter.

Neighbor requalification: the operation is limited to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, trying to recover the existent buildings, pedestrian paths and public green.