New infant school in Rocca Priora

Client: Municipality of Rocca Priora (RM)

Year: 1999

Service: Preliminary design

The typology and the distributive’s features of the school have been studied to realize spaces able to allow a didactic function in order with the most recent pedagogic guidelines. Space’s organization privileges spaces that become connected and that create a continuous architecture by the relations between them. The equipped ambiances specialized and the public places for free activities become the school’s common elements and around these are placed the classrooms. In that way, the school is articulated in spaces for special activities, spaces for practical activities, spaces for free activities, dining hall, atrium, entrance and general services. A special care has been given to the creation of green surfaces aimed and equipped for playing activities. The volumetric solution is articulated in a basement, at the same level of the parking lot, an artificial floor at elevation +4,30m which is used as infant school with a rooftop garden at elevation +8,30m.