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Complention of Rocca Priora’s gym

Client: Municipality of Rocca Priora (RM)

Year: 2004

Service: Preliminary design

Because of the dimension of the building, it’s been planned to organize the volumes forming an artificial hill able to dialogue with the close natural hills. Spaces gyms and services are covered with curve structures with grass on them, which integrates the building with the fields nearby.

To allow the practicing of several disciplines has been planned a multifunctional gym complex formed by an aerobic sports gym, fitness gym, a small building for several activities, which could be divided into two or three different spaces. Inside this space can be made also some team sports.

The possibility of making several different activities in the complex is granted by a playfield’s division and by stands, which could be, opened o closed according to the relevance of the event and so to the necessity of hosting people.

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